Monday, November 4, 2013

AIPH2:Robots and Farm Animals Gets a Website and a Release Date!

Finally AIPH2:Robots and Farm Animals is coming! and probably not a moment too soon!(but probably too late)

MARK IT 11/27/2013 we get our ROBO-LOVE on, with Richard Pickman, Hail Zeon!, Durka Dub and For the Galaxy!

check out the new promo website at 
 Its Official, AIPH: Robots and Farm Animals comes out 11/26/2013!

From Milktoast Music comes a new "space opera" classic, AIPH: Robots and Farm Animals. The proclaimed sequel to Adventures in Psychohistory: Part 1 Episode 1: The Galactic Fast One, this next chapter focuses on our future relationship with artificial intelligence and the construction of humankind's substitute. AIPH: Robots and Farm Animals brings a variety of original strange music, laced with some classic science fiction, crafted by Masters of Space Opera: Richard Pickman, Hail Zeon!, Durka Dub and the return of For the Galaxy!
A action filled adventure full of androids, sex and prosecution. AIPH: Robots and Farm Animals features space opera from as far back as 2010 and brings man face to face with his greatest fear, replacement.

Available free to download 11/27/2013 from
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