Saturday, February 19, 2011

TARGET: Planet Earth! OUT NOW!

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TARGET: Planet Earth! is now avaible! 40-something munutes of Richard Pickman, Durka Dub, and For the Galaxy musically annotating the end of mankind!
1.Scrutinized- Richard Pickman
2.None Will Survive- For The Galaxy
3.Lie Dead- Richard Pickman
4.Fuck This World- Durka Dub
5.Quote/UnQuote- Richard Pickman
6.Pillage- For The Galaxy
7."What the Hell is Going ON!"- Richard Pickman
8.Oh!- Durka Dub
9.Heavens- Richard Pickman
10.Resistencia Final!- For The Galaxy
11.LifeForm- Richard Pickman
12.Can't Stop Now- For The Galaxy
13.Sarcasm and Safety- Richard Pickman
14.What The Fuck?- Durka Dub
15.InterStellar Jack-Move- Richard Pickman
16.Rally The Fodder- Richard Pickman
17.Drop Em' Dead- For The Galaxy
18.Peculiar v. Ate Oh-8- Richard Pickman
19.S-C:6- Durka Dub
20.Mankind- Richard Pickman
21.Ok Man!- Durka Dub
22.Fall Back- Richard Pickman
23.The Final Rain- Durka Dub
1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,16,18,20 and 22 were found on reels of two tracks floating through space,
recorded by Richard Pickman, Originally manufactured at Firehouse 51 and/or Lauchpad Studios.
Listen to Richard Pickman (Pickman's Model) online:
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2,6,10,12,17, was inscribed in a meteor by For the Galaxy as he observed from space
before the final blast, recorded at a hidden space station.
Get the latest from For The Galaxy:
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4,8,14,19,21,23 created and given life by Durka Dub as he roamed earth protected by his force
field and was manufactured somewhere between LA and Mars.
Listen to Durka:
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All Music Owned and controlled by respectable owner. All Music copy-Left and Available for non-commercial use.
All Uses involving capital gain must have agreement with creator and owner.
Target:planet earth! welcomes all creative uses, remixes and mastering, with notification (so we can hear that shit and show our friends)
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