Sunday, February 21, 2010

Abondon Mother Earth

Its Finally here the mix-tape destined to create the genre that is Space Opera!
Featuring the masters of SO Durka, Pickman, ForTheGalaxy and more.
Your Gunna Need Headphones!!!!!
10 track sample at
Download the whole album:


Abandon Mother Earth was Compiled and mixed at Firehouse 51 by Richard Upton Pickman. Created and Manufactured by Firehouse 51 Productions a satellite patsy for The MilkToast New World Order.

Warning: You Really,Really need headphones to listen to this. I can not stress this Enough!, probably weed, but definitely headphones!

Space Dub(9)& Encounter (11) Birthed, Mixed and Amplified by Durka 2010. Recorded at Firehouse 51 and mastered in a organic space vehicle at the edge of this galaxy. Created with a space-pirated FruityLoops.

Welcome to D.X.(1),Mundane Mourning(2),Say Hi to HAL(4),Egineered Inteligence(6),Astro-Madness(8),High up in Space(10) & See you in 9 years.(13) Created, Captured, and Implanted by Richard Pickman 2007,2009,2010. Recorded in various inhabitable planets and mastered at Firehouse 51. Created from artifacts and past lives with a commandeered version of Mix-Craft 2.

Gastranomical(5),Hipasiandubhop(7) & Roll on by...(9) Invented, Indusced and reconstructed by ForTheGalaxy 2010. Recorded at both Firehouse 51 and a nuclear fallout shelter. Created from a donated version of FL.

Devastating Sounds (12) Commissioned and Laid-the-Fuck-Out by DJ Cam Ron 2010. Appears courtesy of satellite transmission and came to life on FruityLoops.

All Music Owned and controlled by respectable owner. All Music copy-Left and Available for non-commercial use. All Uses involving capital gain must have agreement with creator and owner. ABM welcomes all creative uses, remixes and mastering, with notification (so we can hear that shit and show our friends) For Raw beats, clips and versions write to or visit

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